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Should you use rtv with a gasket

Can you use black RTV on valve cover? Yes, you may use RTV for valve cover gaskets. They don’t require any RTV sealant. If you have to, consider the Permatex No. 1 or the high tack.

Since every manufacturer can use whatever color they want to create their flavor of gasket material. RTV or Room Temperature Vulcanization sealants come in many types, colors, flavors, and work to seal for many different occasions. Also remember that each manufacturer may utilize the same color for different means. Black sealant is very commonly used in the manufacture of sealants. RTV may be a temp OK for the right side or left side covers. They come off easily. BUT ! ! if you use RTV in the middle of the two engine halves.....and it begins to leak.....OH Man you have got a lot of work on your hands to re-do it. Not worth the chance, use the appropriate gasket. its worth the wait to do it correctly.

If you use it dry, I suggest putting the pan on with gasket, tighten/torque the fastners and let it sit overnight before adding oil. I do not have scientific evidence, but I always seem to have leaks if I put the oil in right after installing a pan. If you are careful and just "wet" the gasket with sealant you should be safe.

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Anabond RTV Silicone Gasket Maker Red -85 GMS -High Temp ₹225.00 .... I used to smear a light coating of RTV on the paper gasket, but have stopped doing it. For two flat surfaces, the paper gasket is all you need. Logic dictates that if something cannot help you then at best it can break even and the only other remaining outcome is make things worse. RTV does not make it better so.

In this case, the factory is referring to RTV sealant. If you're going to touch up your old factory goop, use an oil-resistant RTV. I might be tempted to strip it off and install a Felpro if it shows any sign of age. The problem you run into is cleaning the aluminum cover without using steel scrapers or anything abrasive.

25,998 Posts #2 · Sep 9, 2022 You should only put rtv on the corners of the four half moons and where the vanos meets the head--there are two small seams. You should also get new grommets. Finally, you should read and watch more diy vids of the valve cover--seems like you found one and stuck with it.

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